Campout report

Thanks to everyone who came to our Campout and joined on the trail rides. As a recap of trail activity this weekend:

1) The club cleared brush back from the edge of Wearyman on Wednesday and opened the gate on Friday afternoon. We finished the run out Ptarmigan Pass which is now clear for the season.

2) Saturday we participated in the Gypsum Daze parade, and completed Trail Gulch to Agnew Gulch to the Big McClosky.

3) Sunday we ran the Sheephorn loop. We attempted to head up to McCord Pass to run Piney Ridge, but the ascent to the pass is block by snow and debris in two spots in the avalanche chute. It’s going to need more time.

We also received a report that the drift on the Lake County side of Hagerman Pass is still several feet deep. That drift usually doesn’t melt until August, so it’s going to be some time still. In the past the Ivanhoe water bandits have cleared the road. Based on our chat with them a couple months ago, that is a thing of the past. There is an illegal bypass through the tundra that has formed around the drift. Please do not use it. This is something that we are going to have to address in coordination with Two Mile High Off-Road Club.

We have a meeting Thursday, 7/20, 6pm at the Eagle library. We’ll put some more trail runs on the schedule as we go. Our next organized event in August 5-6 overlap trip across the Flat Tops.

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