October meeting recap

The club met Tuesday, October 10, 2023 at the Avon library.

We have tentatively have scheduled a ride-along with USFS staff to review this year’s work on Old Fulford Rd, and to discuss potential work for next year. This ride-along will be subject to any snow this week.

Starting next year we will likely be requiring an active club membership to participate in club trail rides. Those interested in learning more about the club will be welcome on at least one trail run as a guest before being required to join as a member. We’ll be reviewing this requirement as a future meeting over the winter.

We will be discussing dues for next year at our next meeting. Current dues are $100 for a voting member, and $50 for an associate member. These are subject to change for next year based on a membership vote.

If you are voting member, you should have access to the voting members only Facebook page. That page is used to discuss official club business. Please contact a board member if you need to be added.

Potential new trips discussed for next year:
– Moab
– San Juans
– Benson Cabin

Effective today, all of the trail guides on the website will require you to log into your account with an active membership.

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